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Sep 09.2021
See what GKGD brings to SIGN Audiovisual Exhibition in Turkey 2021?

GKGD has come to Turkey! The SIGN Audiovisual Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey is being held in full swing from September 9 to 12,2021, which is a grand event co-operating with our local distributor LED AJANS.


As the SIGN Istanbul is being held, we can't help but feel grateful for all the enthusiasm we felt coming our way this year from clients in Europe. With so many new products to show off, how could we not be excited about this exhibition? The various LED displays products in the exhibition are dazzling including indoor led display, outdoor led display, and small-pitch led display. Among them, the outdoor K4 and outdoor K5 energy-saving series have attracted the most attention which also are our hot-selling products this year. Through a unique driving design, they can save more than 40% of energy than conventional products. Various special products such as all-in-one display screens and car screens are also being displayed at the exhibition, which can meet the different needs of different customers. GKGD is very invested in the success of our distributors, and always places importance on each and every opportunity for open communication. Our Turkey partner, LED AJANS expressed excitement at the prospect of a partnership with GKGD, saying they have the utmost confidence that working together to explore the Turkey market will allow for a more effective level of service.

Thanks to the cooperation of our distributor-LED AJANS over the past few years, GKGD products will surely be invincible in the Turkish market and create greater glories.


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