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Sep 11.2020
GKGD Added New Equipment To Improve Its Capacity At 2020 Year

October GKGD outside already a scene of late autumn, each workshop production line is as hot as summer, equipment technicians are carefully and orderly debugging the new machine. The capacity has been increased, recently have been working overtime to assemble and debug can be quickly put into production. GKGD no. 2 workshop equipment supervisor Song Jian said that the lights come on and the equipment goes into production after intensive, green instructions.


In late September, GKGD acquired hundreds of units as demand for capacity expansion grew as the market recovered. They have been installed, debugging and testing about the High-end SMT machine, reflow welding plate machine, SMT robot and other supporting equipment. And all the equipment has been put into normal production, to ensure customer orders on schedule delivery. 


Similarly, the equipment purchased by our packaging factory, GKGD has been arriving from the end of September to the 11th.During this month, due to the increase in production line, we also purchased cementing machines, ASM/KAIJO imported wire machines, spectrometers, belt braids, etc. The production efficiency is greatly improved, and the existing man-machine effective coordination and efficient operation are realized.


GKGD takes the market customer as the orientation, fully combines its own advantageous that product segmentation market, through the capacity adjustment. Increased investment in the introduction of production equipment, the previous August has invested 150 million CNY to purchase 6 display production lines, 220 sealing.


In order to alleviate the current production and marketing gap, the tendering was conducted again in October, and 3 more display production lines and 3 more display screen production lines were added 200 packaging production lines. Nowadays, the continuous addition of batch equipment not only improves the production capacity and industrialization level, but also enhances the production capacity and industrialization level.


"If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first use his tools ", GKGD actively for the capacity, in the effective promotion of processing efficiency.


And quality at the same time, will also comprehensively upgrade the company's hardware image, for the realization of the fourth quarter sales to improve a solid step!

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