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Sep 03.2021
K Series: HD Display And Energy Efficient

On September 3, the 2021 Taiyuan Energy Low-Carbon Development Forum opened. Our Premier Li Keqiang attended the opening ceremony of the forum in video format and delivered a keynote speech. Shanxi High-Tech Huaye Electronic Group Co., Ltd actively implements the concept of green development, taking "energy saving and low carbon" as the starting point for work, planning and layout around the long-term goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, and integrating energy saving and emission reduction work into product design, production and manufacturing.


The K series energy-saving LED display developed and put into production by our company adopts the self-developed common anode voltage divider power supply technology to achieve the double breakthrough of high-definition display and high-efficiency energy saving, helping customers achieve energy-saving, consumption-reduction, and cost-reduction appeals, which truly interprets the "fans" circled by strength!

K series uses 2.8V drive for red lamp and 3.8V drive for blue and green lamp. The two channels are powered separately. Compared with the traditional 5V power supply, the energy-saving effect is significant.

Compared with conventional products, the energy-saving products with common anode dual-voltage power supply have significantly lower power consumption for the entire screen than conventional products.


Compared with the conventional display, the energy saving can reach more than 35%, and the temperature of the screen can be reduced by about 20℃, which effectively saves energy and reduces consumption, and helps customers realize their demands for cost reduction. In addition, the K series products are rich in categories, the main models are K3, K4, K5, K6, K8, K10, which can meet the needs of customers in different application scenarios.

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