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Dec 30.2020
Glory moment! On December 23, GKGD won multiple awards from two industry authoritative media at the same time!


The awards ceremony of the "Break the cocoon·Chasing dreams" 2020 LED Display Industry Brand Event hosted by ledp.hc360.com was grandly held in Shenzhen. Shanxi High-tech Huajie Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as GKGD) was invited to attend and won the annual "Top Ten LED Display Application Projects", Two awards of "Top Ten LED Small Pitch Display Brands".

At the same time,  in the "2020 Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network Annual Top Ten Brands" selection activity held by another authoritative media in the audio and video industry-Digital Audiovisual Engineering Network, GKGD won the following four awards:  "Independent Product Innovation Award", "LED Application Engineering Top Ten Brands", "LED Small Pitch Top Ten Brands", "LED Display Top Ten Brands"!

Regardless of the extension of the product line or the improvement of product energy saving and performance, GKGD LED modules reflect their unique imprint and charm. With the establishment of the GKGD company's multiple levels of customer system, the GKGD brand has been recognized by more and more high-quality customers, and the brand effect has become a strong driving force for the company to enter the market. In the second half of 2020, GKGD became the only company in the industry with large-scale production expansion. After the expansion, the company's production capacity has been greatly increased, effectively alleviating the market demand gap, and better leading the industry to healthy development.

Through the high-standard and authoritative assessments of the two industries, the six awards won by the GKGD company are the best inspiration for the jury to the GKGD company and a recognition of the GKGD brand value.

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