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Jun 13.2021
GKGD LED display enters Wuhan People's Hospital

GKGD LED display enters Wuhan People's Hospital


Recently, another classic case appeared in GKGD-the LED display project of Hubei Wuhan People's Hospital.


Hubei Wuhan People’s Hospital is a modern general hospital, in order to accelerate the construction of the hospital’s talent team, special bidding is required to build a large LED screen (LED display) that can be used for teaching, training, and interaction.


In the end, GKGD company won the bid with excellent product quality, good market reputation and high standard service.


The LED display uses GKGD P4 full-color LED module, which has the characteristics of small spacing, high definition, and small color difference.


At the moment when the LED display was lit, it won the praise of the hospital leaders present, and gave great encouragement and affirmation to the GKGD LED display products and staff.


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